Living as Salt and Light

In the beginning, God created the world with wisdom. And the very One who created and ordered the world is the same One who invites us to enter into His light, life, and love.

We have the ability to respond to His overtures, but we must train ourselves to be attuned to His voice. Every time we listen, we will be better able to discern His voice. But every time we disobey, our hearts will harden toward Him.

The Wellspring of Truth

God is the source of all wisdom, goodness, beauty, and truth. He wants us not only to recognize this, but to grow in our love and knowledge of Him. He calls us to move deeper in our intimacy with Him. In such a way, everything we touch, every person we speak to, every action of our hands in this life will reflect Him.

We are agents of salt and light in this world, manifesting the glory of Christ. Every arena of wisdom—in money, work, relationships, etc.—finds it source in God.

One way we make sure to glorify God is by dwelling in His Word. The more we know His Word, the more we will stand firm in His truth.

Fullness of Life

If you want to know what the fullness of human life looks like, then look at the life of Jesus. He is the only One who has lived a perfect life, and thus He is the only One who has ever been fully alive. But He invites us to be fully alive in Him, trusting in the Father, abiding in the Son, and walking by the Spirit.

It takes years of fidelity to grow in our relationship with Christ, and it takes wisdom. We gain perspective and experience as we go along, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Often, this perspective comes from failure. We look at the life of Jesus and recognize our own failings, asking to be transformed and conformed to His image.

Embracing the fullness of life means that we become more and more in our practice who we already are in our position in Christ. We are seated with Him in the heavenly places, but in this soul-formed world, we are in the crucible of adversity. This is the alchemy of grace

Living as Salt and Light