Relational Spirituality Part 2: Dignity of Humanity

Why does God take notice of us? After all, compared to the sun, moon, and stars we are very small, seemingly of no significance. But it is not size that determines value. The God who created the universe made us in His image. That is what gives us purpose. He created us to grow and thrive in a relationship with Him, bringing Him glory and honor. Sin, though, has marred that image. We have fallen into a depravity that clouds our dignity. Because of that, God chose to redeem us from our sin.

Can you imagine? The God of the universe sent His Son, the Second Person of the Trinity, to ransom us with His own blood. He chose to restore us to a right relationship with Him, calling us out of darkness and into His marvelous light.

Watch part 2 of a series on Relational Spirituality, based on content from Facet 1 of Ken’s book Conformed to His Image.

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Relational Spirituality Part 2: Dignity of Humanity