Should Christians See Psychologists? (Beyond Words Radio Interview)

Beware of Underlying Assumptions

Should Christians see a psychologist or counseling professional when struggling with depression or other mental health issues? A potential concern is the differences in worldview, especially the underlying assumptions about the nature of humanity. Dr. Ken Boa encourages discernment and caution, while not “throwing out the baby with the bath water.” We can glean real insights from the field of psychology, he argues. However, when seeking the advice of a counselor, finding one with a Christian worldview is best, if at all possible.

Psychology vs. Theology

Ken recently discussed this matter with Dr. William Campbell on Beyond Words Radio. In the interview (now available as a downloadable podcast), Ken discusses his studies on points of overlap between well-known theologians and psychologists—the topic of his dissertation at Oxford University. That dissertation is available in book form as Augustine to Freud: What Theologians and Psychologists Tell Us About Human Nature (and Why It Matters).

Should Christians See Psychologists? (Beyond Words Radio Interview)

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