Feet of father and son

My Father

Originally written in 2002.

Although he was a bus driver, he spent a lot of time and effort on the side, going from one venture to another in quest of the elusive cash cow. He never nabbed one, but I was able to say at his funeral that his ship had finally come to port. It was the good ship Jesus who brought him safely to the other shore and gave him something far better and lasting than worldly treasure.

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Bible under a light

The Reliability of the Bible (Decision Magazine Article)

This content on the reliability of the Bible was originally printed in Decision Magazine.

False Impressions

“I don’t want to take a bath—I’m clean enough!” My impassioned protests as a six-year-old at bedtime were quickly rebuffed by this powerful tool from my parents’ arsenal of guilt-inducing mottoes: “The Bible says that cleanliness is next to godliness!” And as I recall, that was the end of the matter—I dutifully took my bath in the fear of divine reprisal.

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