365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 8

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Ken Boa teaches on Genesis 8, the beginning of the post-Flood world, in which Noah is commanded to repopulate the earth and, as a part of His mission of deliverance and redemption, God makes a promise never to destroy the earth again with a catastrophic deluge.

This is part of the ongoing 365 Key Chapters of the Bible series based on Handbook to Scripture. 

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1 Peter Study, Part 6 (at Christ Church): Citizens of Heaven

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Peter’s first epistle was written near the end of his life and it is designed to give us perspective.  He tells us that we get to see things that the saints of the Old Testament could not see.  And in light of these things, we have a living hope that brings confidence and stability and we can live in a manner that anticipates these future glories.

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