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Two Competing Paradigms

Where do we find our hope? Where do we invest our time? Is it in the world of things that fade away, the things prone to corruption and decay? Or is it in the eternal things that will never perish?

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A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 2: Discerning God’s Calling

Make sure you’ve read “A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 1” first. [lead]We can’t lay hold of God’s unique purpose for our lives without spending time with him and inviting him to clarify his purpose for us in his timing and way.[/lead] It is never too late to

1 Peter Study, Part 18 (at Christ Church): Arming for Adversity

Dr. Boa encourages us as Peter encouraged his readers to arm ourselves for adversity by keeping an eternal perspective in this temporal world.  We want to treasure the not yet over the now even when this world presses in upon us.  Biblical faith invites us to contextualize this brief earthly sojourn with the eternity of heaven.

1 Peter Study, Part 11 (at Christ Church): Living A Holy Life

Peter transitions from addressing the richness of our salvation in Christ to practical application and the pulls that wage war against our souls.  Dr. Boa discusses this inner-outward conflict that we all encounter and encourages us to live in such a way that our words and our works and our lives and our lips coincide.

1 Peter Study, Part 7 (at Christ Church): Applying What You See

Peter admonishes his readers to have an uplook and an outlook..  Our uplook determines our outlook and our outlook determines our behavior.  As we look up, we are to apply what we see. We are called to become a people who manifest the new life in this present world. 

1 Peter Study, Part 6 (at Christ Church): Citizens of Heaven

Peter’s first epistle was written near the end of his life and it is designed to give us perspective.  He tells us that we get to see things that the saints of the Old Testament could not see.  And in light of these things, we have a living hope that brings confidence and stability and we can live in a manner that anticipates these future glories.

1 Peter Study, Part 4 (at Christ Church): The Living Hope

Jesus calls us to a living hope; a hope that will not die.  A hope that is so transformative that it will produce an inheritance.  Dr. Boa expounds on the four qualities of the inheritance and the legacy that we share with Christ as co-heirs, as sons and daughters of the King.

1 Peter Study, Part 3 (at Christ Church): Endless Revelation

Dr. Boa explores the nature and mystery of the triune God and the living hope that is grounded in the Word of God and in the Son.  He reminds us, as we reflect on the inheritance reserved in heaven for us, to be a people of gratitude who understand that all of life is gift and all of life is grace.